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   UltimateEditor Release History

UltimateEditor 3.7 Service Pack 4 - 10/12/2013

Bug Fixes

UltimateEditor 3.7 Service Pack 3 - 02/07/2013

Bug Fixes

UltimateEditor 3.7 Service Pack 2 - 08/12/2012

Bug Fixes

UltimateEditor 3.7 Service Pack 1 - 01/16/2012

Bug Fixes

UltimateEditor 3.7 - 06/27/2011

New Features

Editor Resize: You can use the new Resizable property to enable editor resizing on the client-side. Supported in .NET 2.0 and higher. See the Editor Size sample.

Bug Fixes

UltimateEditor 3.6 Service Pack 1 - 08/09/2010

Bug Fixes

UltimateEditor 3.6 - 01/04/2010

New Features

Show Synonyms: You can show the synonyms of a word by right-clicking on it and selecting the Synonyms option in the context menu. Supported in .NET 2.0 and higher. See the Show Synonyms sample.

New Samples

AutoSave: You can automatically save the editor content without a page postback using the Client-Side API methods and AJAX callbacks.

Bug Fixes

UltimateEditor 3.4 - 07/12/2009

New Features

Amazon S3: Manage your content in Amazon S3. Browse your buckets and files, preview files, create new buckets and folders, delete existing buckets, folders and files, and upload new files to the selected folder in Amazon S3. Supported in .NET 2.0 and higher.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the "Client-side run-time error with Select File button in UltimateEditor Explorer window when opened from Create Link window Browse button" issue.
  • Fixed the "Color dialog with Internet Explorer on Vista" issue. See Support Forums
  • Fixed the "Click on Find button by entering no data in 'Find What' text field, system throws "Invalid Pointer" Exception" issue.
  • Fixed the "Max Char count on Firefox not working" issue. See Support Forums
  • Fixed the "Pressing ENTER key on HTML objects such as fieldset and image generating JavaScript error" issue. See Support Forums
  • Fixed the "GetEditorText method ignoring the line breaks" issue. See Support Forums
  • Fixed the "Mailto link messes up parameters" issue. See Support Forums
  • Fixed the "Mailto links containing apostrophe error" issue. See Support Forums
  • Fixed the "Previewing images in Server Explorer" issue. See Support Forums

UltimateEditor 3.3 Service Pack 1 - 02/09/2009

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the remove format issue. See Support Forums
  • Fixed the issue with symbols clearing out text. See Support Forums
  • Fixed the editor context menu position issue when the editor is placed inside a container.
  • Fixed the focus event handler issue by automatically replacing the focus event with focusin event.
  • Fixed the issue with Safari browser by hiding the editor context menu when the spell suggestion list is displayed.

UltimateEditor 3.3 - 12/01/2008

New Features

Upload to Database: Upload images and files to your database. Browse and display them directly from database without using your file system at all. Supported in .NET 2.0 and higher.

Convert to PDF: Convert your editor content from HTML to PDF format. Save your PDF document either as a file or into database. Supported in .NET 2.0 and higher.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the "Disable drag and drop support in editor" issue. See Support Forums
  • Fixed the "Cut, copy and paste context-menu options in a disabled editor" issue. See Support Forums
  • Fixed the "Image aspect on upload" issue. See Support Forums
  • Fixed the "FitToWindow button cannot be initially set through the Selected property in editor XML file" issue. See Support Forums
  • Fixed the "RemoveInnerFontSize method" issue.
  • Fixed the "Insert table not working" issue. See Support Forums
  • Fixed the "Undo via Control-Z not working consistently" issue. See Support Forums

UltimateEditor 3.2 - 11/03/2008

Side-by-side Installation: Install ASP.NET 1.1, 2.0, and 3.5 editions side-by-side on the same machine, and work with all of them in parallel.

UltimateEditor 3.1 Service Pack 1 - 07/25/2008

New Features

Server Explorer Initial Subdirectory: Point the initial subdirectory under "~/UltimateEditorInclude/UserFiles" to a special location such as a user-specific folder when they open the server explorer diloag box. See Live Demo

Bug Fixes

UltimateEditor 3.1 - 06/02/2008

New Features

User Permission: Specify the subdirectory list that the user is allowed access under ~/UltimateEditorInclude/UserFiles directory for the following types of operations in Server Explorer dialog:
  • Create Folder
  • Delete
  • File Overwrite
  • Upload
  • View
See Live Demo

File Types: Specify the file extensions allowed in Server Explorer dialog for the following file types:
  • Attachment
  • Flash
  • Image
  • Link
  • Template
  • Windows Media
See Live Demo

Absolute/Relative Paths: Specify the following types of paths:
  • An absolute URL path
  • A site-root relative path, which is resolved against the site root (not the application root)
  • A relative path that is resolved against the current page path
  • A relative path that is resolved as a peer of the current page path
  • An anchor path
See Live Demo

Convert Selected Path To Absolute: Use the new ConvertSelectedPathToAbsolute property to convert selected path in Server Explorer dialog to absolute path. See Live Demo

Auto Replace Font With Span: Use the new AutoReplaceFontWithSpan property to automatically replace the deprecated FONT tags with SPAN elements.

Browse Links: Use the Browse button next to the URL textbox in the Create Link popup to browse files on the server. See Live Demo

Customize Colors, Symbols and Emoticons: Customize color palette, symbol and emoticon codes in their respective JavaScript files under UltimateEditorInclude directory.

Use Internet Explorer Color Dialog: Use the new UseIEColorDialog property to open the system color-selection dialog box for Internet Explorer.

Auto Clean Word Format On Load: Use the new AutoCleanWordFormatOnLoad property to automatically clean Word format on page load.

Auto Clean Word Format On Paste: Use the new AutoCleanWordFormatOnPaste property to automatically clean Word format on paste.

Delete Button: Use the new Delete button in Server Explorer to delete the selected folder or file. See Live Demo

Right-to-Left Support: Use the new Dir property to specify the editor content flow direction as either left-to-right or right-to-left. See Live Demo

Preview Tab: Use the Preview tab next to the Design and HTML tabs to see the editor content in preview mode.

Accessibility: ALT tag is now rendered for editor toolbar buttons, dropdown lists and tabs for Section 508 compliancy.

Bug Fixes
  • Attachments are now loaded automatically after the page is posted back. See Support Forums
  • Fit to window button and DOCTYPE XHTML 1.0 Transitional issue is now fixed. See Support Forums
  • Heading issue for highlighted text issue is now fixed. See Support Forums
  • Max count issue is now fixed. See Support Forums
  • The issue with pasting from Word when SpellAsYouType is enabled is now fixed.
  • The toggle issue with "Insert Numbered List" and "Insert Bulleted List" editor toolbar buttons is now fixed.
  • The line break issue with "Insert Numbered List" and "Insert Bulleted List" editor toolbar buttons is now fixed. See Support Forums
  • Remove Format issue is now fixed. See Support Forums
  • When "Check my spelling as I type" option is selected in Firefox, the editor context menu is not displayed for the words having spell errors anymore.
  • Image selection window scroll issue is now fixed. See Support Forums
  • Anchor to same page issue is now fixed. See Support Forums
  • The issue with multiple editors on one page with SpellAsYouType is now fixed. See Support Forums
  • EditorHtml encode/decode issue is now fixed. See Support Forums

UltimateEditor 3.0 - 01/23/2008

New Features

Server Explorer: Navigate through your server in order to load a template, select a file, or upload a document.

Multi-Level Undo/Redo: Use the undo and redo buttons to reverse your latest operations successfully.

Insert Template: Navigate through the templates provided on the server, upload new ones or select an existing one, and edit.

Style DropDown: Use the new Style dropdown to change the style of the selected area easily.

Context Menu: Right-click on anything in the editor textbox, and see the popup menu relevant to that position.

Spell As You Type Toolbar Button: Now you can spell check on demand. When you click this button, it activates spell checking and underlines all misspelled words. You can right-click and select a suggestion to fix the spelling errors, or just edit them. When you click this button again, it toggles to deactivate the spell checking functionality.

Paste As Text Toolbar Button: When you click this button, it pastes the text without any formatting.

DisplayHtmlCount & MaxHtmlCount: Set a limit on the number of characters in the HTML source of the text.

Insert Anchor: Insert an achor to navigate in your document.

Display Table: Display dashed borders when border is set to 0, or no border attribute is set.

Table Style: Define CSS classes for your table and its cells.

PreloadImages: Use the PreloadImages property to preload and cache the toolbar images before the editor is loaded to make the toolbar buttons show at once instead of one after the other.

Special Characters: Added arrow special characters to the Insert Symbol dialog.

Create Link Dialog: Added a text field so that the selected text is shown inside the dialog, and can be updated.

Safari Support: Now it supports Safari 2.0+ with limited functionality.

Help Toolbar Button: When you click this button, it displays the name and description of all toolbar buttons and dropdowns.

Changed Features

Open Button: Open button is removed because you cannot open a file on the client machine anymore.

Save Button: Save button does not save the document on the client machine, but instead initiates a postback to server.

Paragraph: Paragraph dropdown has been renamed as Format dropdown in all editor and language XML files.

Include Directory: UltimateEditorInclude directory structure has been modified to store a unique set of files.

Bug Fixes

ASP.NET Editor UpdatePanel Issue: Now it works in controls such as multiview when editor is initially hidden.

Width 100% Issue: Now you can now set the Width property of your UltimateEditor control to make the editor textbox as wide as its container.

Image Relative/Absolute Path Issue: If the image src starts with a /, it doesn't add location protocol and host in front of it anymore.

TextBoxCssFiles Issue: If the path starts with a /, it adds location protocol and host in front of it.

<p>&nbsp;</p> Issue: When the editor content was empty, switching to HTML tab doesn't generate an empty P tag anymore.

Fit To Window (Full Screen) Issue with IE: Fit To Window button now works properly to resize the editor to the size of the screen.

Cascading Font-Size Issue with IE: Selecting a font size now works properly for the selected text that already has a different font size.

Style & Link Tag Issue: When editor HTML starts with STYLE and LINK elements, Internet Explorer was removing those tags when switched between Design adn HTML modes. They now retain at the end of the editor content.

Remove Format Issue with IE: Now it removes the format of the non-format block elements such as SPAN.

Mozilla <br> Tag Issue for Insert Table: Now it renders &nbsp; instead of
when a new table is inserted. If the cell content was left blank, the cell becomes non-editable.

Popup Issue: Popups such as emoticons and format/font dropdowns are now closed when clicked inside the editor textbox.

Maximum Count Issues: Separated from the display logic so that you can define limits without showing on the editor. Now it works in HTML mode, too. It also works when text is pasted, or editor toolbar button or dropdownlist is used as well.

UltimateEditor 2.3 - 01/08/2006

SpellAsYouType: You can see the spelling errors as you type in UltimateEditor.

AutoCorrect: It can automatically correct your spelling errors as you type.

LookUpMeaning: You can look up the meaning of a suggested word in an online dictionary.

CausesValidation: Added a new property to let the user decide whether the editor textbox causes validation.

ToolbarsVisible: Added new a property to easily show/hide toolbars.

Paragraph: Renders a paragraph block (<P>) with your margin settings when you press enter. Press Shift+Enter for a soft enter (<BR>).

Font to Span: Replaced font elements with span in order to comply with the new standards.

Style in DropDown: You can see the paragraph and font names in their own style.

Clean Word Format: You can clean the unnecessary markup while pasting from Microsoft Word.

Editor Enabled: Supports UltimateEditor (former UltimateCallback) and ASP.NET Editor (former Atlas).

UltimateEditor 2.2 - 02/07/2006

Custom Toolbar Items: You can add custom buttons and dropdown boxes to editor toolbars.

Server-Side Events: You can use PostBack, ToolbarRender, ToolbarItemRender events on the server-side.

Client-Side Events: You can use OnBeforeClick, OnAfterClick, OnBeforeChange, OnAfterChange events on the client-side.

UltimateEditor 2.1 - 11/20/2005

Spell Check: Built-in spell check functionality provided by UltimateSpell.

UltimateEditor 2.0 - 09/21/2005

XHTML Support: Fully compliant with XHTML Transitional. VS.NET 2005 ready.

HTML/XHTML Converter: You can convert your HTML documents to XHTML, and vice versa with the click of a button.

Macromedia Flash and Windows Media Support: You can insert Flash and Windows Media into your content.

Selected and SelectedValue Properties: You can initially select toolbar buttons, dropdown items, and color settings.

UltimateEditor 1.0 - 07/04/2005

Initial release.