Karamasoft - ASP.NET Spell Checker, ASP.NET Search Engine, ASP.NET Rich Text Editor, Silverlight Controls

Karamasoft's technical support team is dedicated to providing the best support service to our users. In order to get the most out of our support offerings, please follow these steps in the given order:

  • Sample Applications
    Check out the provided C# and VB samples either online in our live demo section, or offline in your downloaded software. You can use the samples as your templates, and learn how it works.

  • Support Forums
    Search for other users experiencing similar issues, and write your own problems to get a quick response from our techical support team as well as your peers.

  • Online Documentation
    Look through the server-side and client-side developer API documents to find out any property or method that you need in your development.

  • Training Videos
    Watch short videos that serve as quick tutorials to get you started quickly. Learn how you can install and start using the products in 3 easy steps.

  • White Papers
    Read technical white papers to get familiar with the use of our products. Learn tips and tricks for both server-side and client-side development.

  • Contact Us
    If you still have questions please contact us by email or phone. We will resolve your technical problems, and answer your licensing and sales related questions immediately.